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What Is Magic Eraser Tool In Photoshop?

What Is Magic Eraser Tool In Photoshop
Overview of How to Use the Magic Eraser Tool in Photoshop Elements: – You can use the Magic Eraser Tool in Photoshop Elements to change similar pixels throughout an image. However, if you use this tool in a layer after manually locking its transparent pixels, the selected pixels instead change to the background color.

  • Otherwise, the pixels are erased to transparency, even in a “Background” layer, which is converted into a normal layer by using this tool.
  • You can use this tool to either erase contiguous, meaning touching, pixels or all pixels that are similar in color.
  • To use the Magic Eraser Tool in Photoshop Elements, select it from the Toolbox.

Make sure to also select it within the Tool Options Bar, if needed. It shares a button in the Toolbox with the Eraser Tool and Background Eraser Tool. To define the range of colors to remove, use the “Tolerance:” slider in the Tool Options Bar. A low tolerance erases pixels with a color very similar to the one you select.

  • A higher tolerance erases pixels with a broader range of color similarity.
  • To adjust the opacity of the erased pixels, use the “Opacity” slider.
  • A 100% opacity completely erases all the selected pixels.
  • A lower opacity only partially erases the pixels.
  • To make the erased selection have smooth edges versus jagged edges, check the “Anti-aliasing” checkbox.

To erase only pixels touching the pixel color you select, check the “Contiguous” checkbox. If unchecked, all pixels of the selected color anywhere in the image are erased. To sample the color to erase using the combined data from all visible layers, check the “Sample All Layers” checkbox.

Where is Magic Eraser tool Photoshop?

Hi. The Magic Eraser Tool is located between the History Brush tool and the Gradient tool. You can select it using the shortcut E (with Shift + E you can switch the tools in that tools group). If you can’t locate the Magic Eraser Tool, you can do this: click on the ellipsis icon in the lower section of the tools panel and select “Edit toolbar”.

What is the purpose of the eraser tool?

Eraser The Eraser is used to remove blocks of color from the current layer, selection, or image. If the Eraser is used on on the Background layer, the eraser will remove color areas and replace them with the current background color. If used on a normal floating layer, the color will be replaced with transparency.

  1. The same rules apply to non-alpha images.
  2. Eraser Settings Incremental The Incremental checkbox actiavtes incremental paint mode for the tool.
  3. More information about incremental mode can be found in the Pressure Sensitivity The Pressure Sensitivity section sets the sensitivity levels for input devices that support this option.

Hard Edge By default the Eraser tool softens the edges of and area erased. The Hard Edge toggle changes this behavior. Any area erased while this option is active will be erased with no softening of the edge of the brush used. Anti Erase The Anti Erase function of the Erase tool can un-erase areas of an image.

Ctrl toggles between Anti Erase and normal erase modes. Alt is used to create straight lines. Alt – Ctrl is used to create straight lines that are constrained to 15 degree absolute angles.

: Eraser

What is the difference between eraser and magic eraser in Photoshop?

The magic eraser tool erases all colours within a set tolerance. This is essentially the same as using the magic wand and hitting Delete. Using this tool you don’t need to drag — just click once. The background eraser tool allows you to remove the background colour from an image or layer.

Why can’t i see Magic eraser?

Magic eraser is available under the google photos. Go to the desired photo>Edit>Tools>Magic eraser. Go to play store.

How do I turn on Magic Eraser?

Magic Eraser is available as an editing tool on Pixel phones as well as other Android and iOS devices. To use it on Pixels, open an image you want to edit in Google Photos, tap the edit button, and scroll to the Tools tab at the bottom. You’ll find the Magic Eraser option right there.

What key is the eraser tool?

Untitled Document

Used for removing portions of images

Choose the eraser you want to use by clicking on the eraser in the toolbar and holding the mouse button down. Pick the one you want from the pop-up menu. The keyboard shortcut for the eraser is the letter E. To cycle through all three eraser tools, hold down the Shift key while repeatedly pressing the shortcut key.

  1. The erasers act like paintbrushes in reverse.
  2. Instead of laying down color, they pick it up.
  3. It’s like watching a movie in reverse.
  4. To use the eraser tool, select it in the toolbox, set your options and choose a brush from the pop-up palette in the options bar, and drag in the image to remove pixels wherever you paint.
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If you are applying the eraser to the background layer, or to any layer with Preserve Transparency selected, the erased area will go to the background color. Otherwise it will erase to transparency with the exception of when you are erasing to a history state.

If you choose Edit > Fade immediately after using this tool, you can change the opacity of the strokes you have just applied.A shortcut for changing brush sizes while using any of the painting tools is to press the left bracket to move to the next larger brush.Shift-right-click on your document while using the eraser to get its Mode menu next to your cursor (brush, pencil, block).

Open the eraser tool’s options bar. To choose a brush size and type, click on the brush thumbnail. A pop-up palette of available brushes will appear. Press Enter or click on your document’s blue title bar to close the palette after you’ve chosen a new brush.

  • If you want to access the full brushes palette with its many options, click the brushes palette button at the far right end of the options bar.
  • You can also right-click on your document to open the brushes pop-up palette next to the cursor.
  • To find any tool presets that have been made for this tool, click on the tool’s thumbnail at the left end of the options bar.

To reset the tool to its default settings, right-click on the tool’s thumbnail and choose Reset Tool from the menu that appears. The tool that the eraser will simulate in reverse is chosen from the Mode menu. When pencil is chosen, the Flow setting is not available.

  1. When block is selected, both Opacity and Flow are grayed out.
  2. Click the airbrush button to allow the tool to continue to act for as long as the left mouse button is pressed, even when the cursor is not moving.
  3. The Opacity setting, with slider shown activated, determines how much erasing occurs at each stroke.

Access the slider by clicking on the small arrow to the right of its value box. If you select the Erase to History check box, click next to the desired state in the History palette, and drag in the image. This works the same as using the History brush.

What is the benefits of eraser?

Eric was busy building his career – and it was going well. Even though things were going well, he was always glad to talk to his long-time mentor, Jan. Jan had been one of Eric’s college instructors, and they had remained in touch throughout his career. Jan was going to be in Eric’s town on business and they were going to meet for dinner.

He had been looking forward to her business trip, and over dinner he shared some of his work challenges as a part of their visit. A few days later, he received an envelope in the mail with a brand new Dixon yellow #2 pencil and a letter. Here is what the letter said. Dear Eric, It was great to see you the other day.

After our visit and thinking about what you shared with me, I wanted to send you something. By now you know it is a pencil. What you don’t know yet, is why I’m sending you a pencil, so I’ll explain. A long time ago one of my mentors gave me a pencil with an eraser to remind me of five important lessons an eraser can teach us.

  1. She gave it to me because she said I was treating all of my life – at work and at home – like I was taking the biggest test of my life with an ink pen, rather than a #2 pencil.
  2. She then explained the five lessons.
  3. Lesson #1 – Erasers allow us to correct mistakes, and mistakes are correctable.
  4. Everyone makes mistakes.

You have to erase them, and let go of the mistake. Lesson #2 – Erasers give us the power to adjust, and our best work requires adjustments and updates. Your plans absolutely must be written down, and they need to be written in pencil. The world and your situations will change.

The eraser will help you be more flexible and adaptable. Lesson #3 – Erasers give us a safety net, and remind us that the pressure isn’t as great as we might think. Think about it, if you do a math assignment in pen, the pressure is on to get the answers right the first time. This is not an excuse for doing poor work, but having an eraser does take off some of the pressure.

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Lesson #4 – Erasers invite us to edit, and results of a second (or third) draft are almost always better. If you don’t succeed (or succeed as completely as you hoped), the eraser lets you make edits and try again. Lesson #5 – Erasers erase the past, and help us focus on what’s next.

Yes, you must learn from the past, but you must be forward focused. The beauty of a great eraser, like the one on the pencil I’ve given you, is that it erases well enough that you CAN focus on what’s next. Eric, obviously I could write much more about each of these points, but in some way, that would defeat the purpose.

I’ve shared these just the way they were shared with me. I’ve created my own meaning, and deepened the lessons as I’ve made them my own. I encourage you to do the same. You probably never noticed that special pencil on my desk; I know it kind of blends in with the rest of everything else.

  1. But I know it’s there, and every time I look at it I am reminded of the five lessons.
  2. My hope is that you do the same; that the pencil becomes your reminder, a reminder of how successful you can become as long as you have an eraser.
  3. Hopefully someday as a leader or a coach you will meet someone you know will benefit from these lessons and you will give them a pencil with an eraser too.

You are Remarkable ! Jan Potential Pointer: The next time you look at a pencil, remember the lessons of the eraser. The eraser is a powerful reminder that mistakes are OK. They can be overcome and, that in fact, you can’t do your best work if aren’t able to try and fail.

Why is Magic Eraser so good?

digitalreflections/Shutterstock The first time I used a Magic Eraser, I simply couldn’t stop. Truth be told, I caught on a bit late. In fact, it wasn’t until a few months ago that a house guest, after listening to me complain about the scratches on my wall, introduced me to the gift that is this magical white sponge.

Dampened with water, I went through an entire 12-pack of Magic Erasers, scrubbing the red coat rack paint from my stark white entryway wall and the coffee mug rings on my white kitchen table (that I thought were there to stay). I scrubbed every surface until no mark was left untouched. The magic of this eraser had won me over.

And it remains an important part of my cleaning toolkit. If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered on several occasions, as you’ve scrubbed crayon mark off the wall, about the magic behind this eraser. It comes down to one powerful ingredient. The main ingredient in the Magic Eraser is melamine foam, which is made of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen.

This foam is an effective sponge-like material. The combination of hard and soft structures within the “sponge” is what makes the magic. Melamine foam is harder than what makes up most stains, but it’s softer than most of the surfaces those stains are on. This allows the Magic Eraser to remove stains without scratching the surface underneath or around the stain.

Photoshop CC 2021 for Beginners – (038) – Magic Eraser Tool

Ever notice how a Magic Eraser sort of disintegrate as you scrub? Its sponge-like cell structure is delicate enough that it wears off on the durable layer under the stain. In other words, the scrubbing of the sponge loosens the dirt, while its open-cell structure soaks up and grabs the grime.

And in case you’re still skeptical, read this review on the Mr. Clean website : “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser stinks. My son drew on a recently painted wall with a Sharpie (the brand name, not a cheap knockoff), small drawing, but a drawing nonetheless. I figured the best way to have him learn his lesson was to go up there, scrub for a long time, then I’ll go finish it up (he’s only 6).

Nope. I handed him the Magic Eraser and told him to go upstairs and clean the wall. Literally two minutes later he comes down, ‘I’m all done Daddy.’ I walk up to check, nothing. Thanks to Mr. Clean and his ‘magic eraser’ I now have to figure out another way to teach my kids not to draw on walls.”

What is the effect of Magic Eraser?

Remove photobombers with Magic Eraser – It’s frustrating when you think you have the perfect shot, only to discover distractions in the background. Magic Eraser detects distractions in your photos, like photobombers or power lines, so you can remove them in just a few taps.

Is Magic Eraser really just?

No magic required – it’s just a sponge – Mr. Clean would have you believe they poured tons of money and time into research and development to create special sponges specifically for cleaning. The truth is, Magic Erasers are just tiny rectangular pieces of melamine foam with a cleaning agent inside.

  1. That said, it’s not the cleaning agent that makes them so effective, it’s the material.
  2. A melamine sponge is more dense than your average cleaning sponge and its tiny pores make it a light abrasive, not unlike that of an extra fine sheet of sandpaper.
  3. The best part is, you can find melamine sponges – very similar to those that Mr.
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Clean uses – on eBay and other online stores in bulk. I ordered a pack of 100 for just $7.99 (that’s about £5.50 or AU$11) shipped. They’re a tad smaller than the real deal, but I bought 100 for the price of an eight-pack. Taylor Martin/CNET

Does Magic Eraser work on everything?

Magic Erasers (also generically known as melamine foam) are kind of amazing. They can clean everything from grout to oven doors to tennis shoes and are designed for cleaning hard-to-scrub surfaces in hard-to-reach places.

Does Magic Eraser erase?

What Is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? – are a household staple for removing stains, grime, and build-up. So how does a Magic Eraser work? They make these magic sponges from melamine foam—a versatile and safe cleaning material that can get rid of everything from permanent marker stains to scuff marks.

What are the secrets of Magic Eraser?

Method Behind the Magic – As for why they are able to tackle such a broad number of tasks? “The Magic Eraser is blown into a foam, creating tiny air pockets, which are visible if you take a very close look,” Brashear continues. ” At a microscopic level, the web of material surrounding the air pockets look like tiny upside-down triangles.” When activated with water, these individual triangles become hard as glass—but the way they flex and mesh together ultimately helps the sponge remain soft and flexible.

Which tool is used to remove any spot in the image in Photoshop?

Hide unwanted items with powerful retouching tools. What you’ll need Get files Sample files to practice with (ZIP, 1.8 MB) What you learned: To remove objects

In the Layers panel, select the layer that contains spots or small objects you want to remove. In the Tools panel, select the Spot Healing Brush tool. In the options bar, adjust the size and hardness of the Spot Healing Brush tool to fit the item you’re trying to remove. Click on a spot or drag over an object you want to remove.


How do I make an image a magic wand in Photoshop?

Select an object with the Magic Wand tool Use the Magic Wand tool to quickly select an object you want to isolate.

Select the Magic Wand tool (W). In the tool options bar, specify a selection option: New Selection, Add to Selection, Subtract from Selection, or Intersect with Selection. Move the pointer in your canvas and click the color in the image that you want to select. In the options bar, set the following — Tolerance, Anti-aliased, and Sample All Layers options. Uncheck Contiguous if you want to select nonadjacent areas of similar color.

: Select an object with the Magic Wand tool

Why is the magic eraser not showing up in Photoshop?

2. Check Your Opacity & Flow Settings – The Opacity and Flow settings are also important to set correctly. If you want to see the eraser fully, you’ll need to set the Flow and Opacity to 100%. You can find the Flow and Opacity in the Options bar, Drag the toggle to increase both values to 100%. This will ensure the eraser is fully erasing the area, not just partially.

Where do I find the eraser tool in Adobe?

Select the “Eraser” tool in the Tools menu – The Eraser tool in Adobe Acrobat is a useful tool for removing or erasing parts of an image or graphics from a PDF document. To access this tool, open the Tools menu and select Edit PDF. If the Eraser tool is not visible, you may need to select “More Tools” to find it.

  1. Selecting this option will bring up a new menu showing all of the available tools.
  2. Scroll down until you locate the Eraser tool.
  3. This tool is helpful for removing text or objects from a PDF document, allowing you to edit the content without creating a new document.
  4. To use the Eraser tool, simply click and drag the tool across the desired area or select an area with a lasso or selection tool and then click the Eraser tool.

This will erase the selection from the document.